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Is There Such a Thing as a Minor Addiction?

Is There Such a Thing as a Minor Addiction?

Many drug users think they only have a minor addiction problem because they use the drug in question in social situations. Recreational drug use is often considered to be harmless and safe. However, it can quickly escalate into a major addiction problem that ends with frequent visits to the hospital or worse.

While a user may not initially have psychological or physical dependence on the drug, over time this dependence will develop and escalate quickly. People turn to substances for many reasons – to reduce their inhibitions, to make things more exciting, to improve their mood or for relaxation.

Why No Addiction Is a Minor Addiction

Most people consider drugs like ecstasy, LSD, marijuana and cocaine to be recreational drugs. Although it may seem harmless to use such drugs occasionally, addiction severity can get out of hand quite easily. Over time, the user will need higher doses of the same drug to achieve the same high. Certain drugs are also more addictive in nature.

Even when labeled as a minor addiction, drug use will become a destructive habit. Once such habits are formed, they are very difficult to break. Another reason even minor addiction is serious is because of the risk of binge use. Recreational users often use large quantities of substances within a short time frame. This can have serious health consequences, including overdose and death. Additionally, addiction will eventually affect an addict’s relationships, performance at school or work and every other aspect of life.

A Minor Addiction Can Quickly Become a Major Addiction

Even a minor addiction can quickly become a major addiction without the user realizing it; there is always the risk of dependency. While the effects of occasionally using drugs might not be apparent in the beginning, these effects will become increasingly evident over time. They can cause major physical, mental and emotional damage. Anyone who uses drugs recreationally should take the time to step back and think about their substance use.

Don’t be fooled when someone tells you that occasional use is safe and without consequences. Your friends and family members might be able to see a major difference in your personality over time. Think about whether you are binge using, abusing a drug or have developed a dependence on the substance in question.

Based on the addiction severity, you might need to check into a rehab facility to treat your dependence on drugs. Although it can be quite difficult to get rid of a major addiction, it can be done if you are determined and focused on your goals. With help from family and friends, it is possible to beat addiction once and for all.

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