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Learning Parenting Skills during Addiction Recovery

Learning Parenting Skills during Addiction Recovery

Being a parent and going to addiction recovery can be scary, as you are leaving your children to go help yourself. While the fear of temporarily leaving your children can be overwhelming, it is important to understand how beneficial it will be for not only you, but also for them. Once you enter recovery, part of your treatment will include parenting skills that you can adopt to provide a strong and stable environment for everyone in your home.

Parenting Tips Learned in Addiction Recovery

If parents go to rehab, they may learn any of the following skills:

  • Caring for yourself: Many parents, addiction or no, have difficulty caring for themselves as they are mostly focused on the well-being of their children. However, if you neglect yourself after recovery, the likelihood of relapse is much higher as you neglect your needs.
  • Build communication: It is alright to talk to your children about addiction and what has gone on in your personal life. It is up to your discretion on how much you share with them, but base your openness on their ages. Also, have an open forum at all times, regardless of how old your children are. Let them ask you questions, and you must provide honest answers. Ask them questions too and start rebuilding your trust with one another.
  • Work on flexibility: Do not fall into specific, designated roles around the house. In other words, give each member of the family, including yourself, opportunities for different roles, such as care taker, the need to be doctored when sick, chores and so on. This gets everyone acquainted with different responsibilities around the house so that many can help if one person cannot. This can make a family more versatile and overall more supportive.
  • Accept emotions: Let your children know that it is okay for them to feel any emotion surrounding your addiction. Keep communication open with them so they can vent to you about what they are going through. This can help them understand the situation, so be very careful to not dismiss their feelings; rather, accept them for what they are and work to move forward.

By preparing yourself for a new life after rehab, you can accept the fact that there will be changes in all areas of your family’s life. By getting everyone on the same page and setting the tone, you can start off on a positive note that allows for the rest to fall into place. With the new parenting skills you develop in addiction recovery, your family can overcome this tough obstacle.

Help Parenting after Addiction Recovery

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