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How to Trust a Loved One after Addiction

How to Trust a Loved One after Addiction

Few people understand what a drug user goes through when he or she is addicted to a drug. Addicted persons lose their self-control and ability to think logically. While under the influence of a drug it is difficult to face reality. After ending drug use and returning to reality through a rehab program, a person must face the damage done to his or her life and the physical and emotional hurt caused to family and friends. Addiction and recovery is not easy for the addicted person, and it is difficult for family members and friends as well. During rehab a recovering user struggles to overcome addiction to drugs and to accept the consequences of his or her actions. This is why family support during and after rehab is vital for recovery. Support will help the person conquer addiction faster and more successfully.

Family Healing after Addiction

A family is damaged by addiction, and building trust after addiction is important. Family members need to acknowledge the situation and find support through professionals. Family addiction counseling is available so that you may begin the process of healing. Family support treatment should start before the addicted person returns home from rehab. Consider seeking a family-friendly recovery program for your loved one. Family-friendly programs offer counseling, family weekends, support and ongoing therapy resources. You may receive counseling and participate in activities that help make the relationship between family members stronger. Family-friendly rehab programs are designed to help build a support network for the family member who is going through rehab. Apart from family recovery programs and family rehab programs, the following are other forms of help also available for families:

Marriage and addiction counseling: Addiction can break families apart due to divorce resulting from lack of trust. Marriage and addiction counseling helps a spouse understand what his or her partner has gone through or is going through. It allows both partners to release their emotions and begin anew.
Family addiction counseling: Family addiction counseling helps families put a family member’s addiction history behind and move on. The counseling will include talking sessions and activities so that the family can heal from the situation together.

Family Healing Continues after Addiction Rehabilitation

A return from rehab doesn’t mean the drug user is completely cured. There is always a chance of relapse. Relapses are especially difficult on children who have parents facing drug addiction problems. To ensure that parents don’t return to drug use integrated family rehab programs have been designed to support long-term recovery. Ongoing support can help you and your family identify symptoms and warning signs of relapse so that you can prevent problems before they occur.

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