Addiction Treatment & Addiction Therapy Options

Costs of Addiction Treatment Therapy

Costs of Addiction Treatment Therapy

One of the leading reasons people suffering with addiction don’t seek help is due to addiction treatment costs. Regardless of your financial situation, it is important to use every means necessary to gain control over your addiction and make the decision to go to rehab. When assessing addiction treatment costs, first check if your insurance covers any of treatment. You need to also understand the different types of addiction treatment available to you and what their relative costs are.

Types of Addiction Rehab Therapy

Addiction treatment costs can be as expensive as residential inpatient stays at a treatment facility — the longer the duration of your stay, the pricier it is — to as cheap as free programs like Alcoholics Anonymous. It all depends on what kind of addiction you have and what kind of addiction treatment therapy you will need to treat it.

For addiction to hard drugs such as heroin or lifelong addictions to alcohol, a detox facility will likely be necessary to contain your withdrawal.  Once withdrawal has concluded, you’re not out of the woods yet; a number of therapies are going to be necessary to keep the addiction at bay. Determining underlying causes in therapies such as group and individual counseling, psychotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapies (CBT) all range in cost. Other expenses you will have to deal with include any medications prescribed to you to help contain the craving to relapse.

If Addiction Treatment Is Not Covered by Insurance

Addiction treatment costs are difficult to estimate; you need to have definitive facts regarding a particular individual’s addiction in order to assess the costs accurately. Work with an addiction counselor in a preliminary setting in order to ascertain the extent of treatment your body requires to beat your addition. Afterward, decide what you can afford and how much money you are going to need to come up with. There are low-income treatment facilities out there as well as other options if you don’t have insurance. Twelve-step programs and support groups are usually free and provide quality support for recovery addicts. Any available sources of income should be budgeted very carefully in order to pay for addiction treatment costs. Research your other financial options and you might discover there are ways to pay for addiction rehabilitation without breaking your bank account.

The Importance of Treating Substance Abuse and Addiction

Imagine how much money has been spent on your substance abuse problem already. Picture all the people who have suffered as a consequence of your addiction, how your relationships have suffered and all the opportunities that have been passed up as a result of substance dependence. Addiction treatment costs can be high but in no way should they be an insurmountable obstacle. Utilize the resources at your disposal to find alternative methods of payment so you can get the help you need.