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Addiction Help for Retired Military

Addiction Help for Retired Military

After serving their country it is unfortunately quite common to see retired soldiers struggle with addiction. Being on the frontlines can leave military personnel with posttraumatic stress disorder and a range of other mental and physical concerns that can encourage drug and alcohol abuse. For retired military personnel addiction can devastate the whole family and can jeopardize their ability to find stability and happiness. The good news is that there is addiction help for retired soldiers.

How Addiction Works

Alcoholism and drug use damages more than the physical and mental wellbeing of the addict. These problems create other problems such as the following:

  • Alcoholism can lead to a host of financial worries within the household as many alcoholics neglect bills and groceries for drugs and alcohol.
  • Along with the financial worries, other members of the family can find it difficult to deal with the erratic moods and behaviors of an addict. Some addicts turn abusive when influenced by drugs or alcohol.

Remember that substance abuse and alcoholism affects everyone in the addict’s life. Thankfully there is help for military families and addiction concerns they are facing.

Addiction Help for Retired Military Personnel

Rehab can help retired military personnel get their lives back on track to good health and sobriety. Addiction doesn’t pick its victims selectively; retired veterans of all ages can find themselves developing a problem with addiction. Rehab facilities offer treatment for veterans of the following wars and more:

  • Vietnam veterans
  • Persian Gulf veterans
  • Afghanistan veterans
  • Iraq veterans

No matter what conflict a soldier may have served in, he or she may have come home with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or an addiction in. Getting treatment for addiction, trauma or PTSD is an important part of ensuring long-term sobriety.

Get Addiction Help for Current and Former Military Personnel

Give us a call today. Calls are toll-free and completely private on our 24 hour helpline. Our compassionate counselors are knowledgeable and skilled at working with retired military. Let us help you win the war against PTSD and addiction. With help to find treatment, get treatment covered by insurance, find private programs that are not military-based and more. We can be your strongest allies in the battle to sobriety.